The strange phenomena of anti-capitalist blocks at climate protests

It has happened in Maastricht like in many cities in the world
during the past years, since the climate movement has risen
from the ashes of the environmentalism of the last century.
Movements, or rather different parts of the climate movement
have been picking on each other on the question of radical
tactics. Either one is too radical to be accepted by the majority
of the population, or too “soft” to change the status-quo. This
leads to an ongoing debate in the climate movement about
which tactics should be accepted and which condemned.

Anti-squat, not a solution but a problem

It seems like cheap housing: anti-squat. However, as
always, there’s a catch. And quite a catch it is.

Modern and open squatting

A new tool and propaganda method for squatting is
kraakapp.nl. This map with over a thousand markers gives an
insight and information about the squattability of locations
and hence is an accessible, modern and simple starting point
in the quest for a new squat in the Netherlands. The app is
still in development, but the raw prototype has already gained
quite a bit of attention.

Independent media, or media independent of alternatives?

We live in an era that seems to be defined by perpetual crisis,
be it global warming, refugees, or the next financial crisis. At
the same time, we are in the midst of new technological
developments that are going to fundamentally change our way
of living (social media and artificial intelligence just to mention
a few). Considering the severity of these issues, it is quite
astonishing to see how governments and mainstream media
fail to offer any meaningful political solutions or even analysis
that reach beyond relying on further technological
development, financial incentives (like a carbon tax) and
consumer responsibility, so that the market will eventually
solve these problems itself. 

Letter to anti-capitalist Santa

Dear Santa,
I hope this letter finds you well. I was worried about you,
earlier this month. I know it is getting hotter there, and the
reindeer are struggling to carry all the presents if the snow is
too watery.

December 2020:

  • Climate justice - On the strange phenomenon of the anti-capitalist block at climate demonstrations
  • Anti-squat: not a solution but a problem
  • Let's talk about political violence
  • Modern and open squatting
  • A letter to anti-capitalist Santa
  • Shopping for democracy - on consumer choices, green capitalism and losing focus

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