Letter to anti-capitalist Santa

Dear Santa,
I hope this letter finds you well. I was worried about you,
earlier this month. I know it is getting hotter there, and the
reindeer are struggling to carry all the presents if the snow is
too watery.

I know that there are some people that are trying
to make this better, all over the world. I hope we will manage
to change this system soon. You see, many people are still
scared that a change would create confusion and violence – as
if this world wasn’t confused and violent already. But I am
sure that sooner or later you will manage to come here and
tell all of us how well are things working for you on the North
Pole, without money, or laws, or states. And then maybe, if
they don’t believe the evidence of our mistakes, they will
believe you!

I wanted to congratulate you – I know the factory is going
very well, and all the elves are happy. You know, some people
still do not believe that it is possible to produce presents, and
do things, without a capitalist society. They always say, that if
you take away the economic system, nobody would do
anything anymore, because they would not get paid. Well, it’s
a shame you cannot come here to tell them that actually,
some people do want to do things, even if they are not paid.
What did you tell me the last time that we saw each other?
Work for love, not for profit? I wish only they could see your
factory, where all the elves go to when they want, if they
want, to do things that they want to do. And everything works
out well, and every child still gets their present on time! It is
true, that you are ending up with a little bit fewer presents
than what many people think – but could you imagine, all the
nice presents that would go to waste? I know that what you
are producing is more than enough for everyone. 

On a different note, I heard that your dear friend Sinterklaas
is a bit sad because of what happened at the Markt recently. A
reindeer told me Piet is still very upset, and he was even
thinking of going on strike this year and not bring any present
to anyone. I can understand – he has been trying for years to
tell people to stop using that offensive costume, that does not
represent him as a chimney sweeper at all. It was very sad,
that some people threw eggs at those who were protesting in
his name – and in the name of all the people that were
offended. I cannot understand, dear Santa, why adult people
were so angry about changing a costume – aren’t adults
supposed to stop believing in you after a certain point? I know
it sucks anyway, but you know, that is what this society can
do to you – it makes you stop believing in important things,
and makes you want to throw eggs. But I heard that
Sinterklaas and Piet did not want to give you too much work,
and so they sailed on the boat anyway. They also wanted to
try out the new solar panels, and I was told they worked
really well!

Dear Santa, this year, I wanted to ask you only for one, small
present. I say it is small, because it should be fairly easy to
find, but for some reasons here I cannot find it anywhere.
Please, dear Santa, change Piet’s costume, once and for all.
Maybe when it’s done we will all realise how easy it can be to
change things for the better, and how little it takes to let go
stupid traditions in the name of a better world.

I know, it seems like something very easy to find here,
without disturbing you. But here, there has been a bit of a
crisis – everyone is tired, and frustrated, and wants to throw
eggs. I know that it seems crazy, to think that we don’t need
a revolution in a society that is so easily broken. But I don’t
want to ask you for a revolution right now – you have a lot of
things to think about. I am optimist that we will soon realise how many wrong things theree are in the way we live, and we
will soon find a better way. If that doesn’t happen, well, you
know what I will ask you for next year.
I wish you a happy holiday – well, holiday for us, you will be
very busy, but I know you enjoy what you do. And say hi to
the reindeers, to the elves and to your husband.

With love,

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